Our approach to projects

We are more than just consulting, we are committed to success. We don't stop at consulting, we make it happen!

We have a long track record in the investment goods industry with long lead time, project teams with up to several hundred employees, high tech environments and stiff cost and time targets. We know all functional areas starting from development, procurement, production into service.

Our experience and past success can help you in making your project equally successful.

A place to start and success defined

Do you know where the project stands and where it needs to head to?

Is this a project in an environment you are not familiar with or not your daily business e.g. investment projects, process, tool implementations or production ramp-ups? You want to develop and introduce innovative and complex products?

Our expertise in running projects will enable smooth running projects finished in time, minimize risks or support you crisis management in a running project.


Contact us to explore how we could add the most value to your project. As a first step we will work with you in order to define the tailor-made solution for you.

A plan to deviate from

Every major task which isn't done in week deserves a plan.

It is about exchanging expectation and aligning deliveries between groups. It typically never works out exactly the way you planned it. Stay agile to adjust.

We work with the team(s) to define a base plan, detail it out as the project moves along and adjust as necessary to reach the target.



All projects create a change - do not forget the change management for people not (yet) directly involved.

Projects rarely communicate too much but it needs to be properly balanced with confidentiality of the project.

Define the groups and communication channels - starting from intranet posts, targeted audience for detailed brief, team meetings, etc ... 

We help you to ensure proper stakeholder management throughout.

Control and adjust

Every project need the metrics, the right ones. First to know where you are but more important where you are heading to.

Trends help you to get more robust predictions where the project might end up.

We help you implement those metrics and maintain position and adjust bearing to the target.

Make risk management part of your daily business. Often risk are highlighted but not properly addressed.

Project gates reviews assessing the quality and hence the inherent risk but also reviewing individual critical items is essential.

We will help you to set up and conduct gates reviews maintain proper risk management and control risk mitigation.

Into Service

The crucial part to harvest the effort and investment made. Is the production ready for ramping up? Tooling, investment on track - often a project in its own right.

Supply chain ready for ramping up? Often it is the 2nd tier or small things which poses you a problem. One small item isn't a big deal - thousands of small items are a major threat to the ramp up.

Is your product mature enough, prototype and initial volume testing successfully done? Teething problems discovered after SOP are incredibly painful.

We can help you managing ramp up to rate production, supply chain readiness and service entry also at your suppliers.

Learn from it

A topic often forgotten - document what worked well, change what did not. What can be made better, leaner, faster?

This is the phase for organizational learning.

We support you with analysis, lean and concurrent processes and implementation of best industry practices.

Depending on the changes perhaps a project in its own rights.