Lean Processes - Focus on Adding Value

Good lean processes should reflect the best way of completing a task, project, assignment ... with the focus on the value stream, least amount of administration, involving everyone necessary, capturing all lessons learnt form the past. Always a fine balance to keep between sometimes contradicting requirements.


Nowadays with new IT tools enable higher concurrency, seamless data and interface management thus changing the traditional ways of working. With new processes also your organizational model might need to adopt.


We can help you to check your current processes against benchmarks, reduce waste and overhead and speed up.

We have an in-depth knowledge esp. in transversal processes, i.e. going across functional borders. We have hands-on experience in several industrial areas with significant increases in efficiency and quality simultaneously.


We have know-how in audited processes, e.g. ISO 9001/9100/14001 and EAA and FAA  certified organizations. 


Contact us, we can help you to get lean and agile.

...more to follow soon ...